Nachley 2015
Dancing is a beautiful and artful way of expressing oneself. Dancing relaxes mind and the body. Dancing boosts confidence, dancing improves creativity and dancing creates happiness. In short, dancing uplifts the quality of life. By practicing dance on regular bases, we can develop many good qualities which will help us to lead a healthier and happier life. Dance enhances creativity, helps to gain confidence, keeps mind and the body fit B fine, improves concentration, it even helps to achieve peace of mind. Dance heals the injured mind; dance with music pleases the hearts. Since it is a language understood by all, dance helps to build harmony in the world. Dancing is a symbol of happiness, freedom and joy in our heart. It should be an integral part of a healthy life style. To create awareness about dance and its benefits and in order to motivate, support and appreciate the enthusiasts, Rotary International Dist 31911 B Rotary Bangalore Malgudi has organized a dance Festival. P

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