Improv Fiesta
Bangalore’s latest Improv Sensation is back with a new show. Watch this motley of talented individuals present an evening of unscripted scenes that will leave you wanting for more. So, come, engage and inspire ICB with your suggestions in this Fiesta of Improv. Abhishek Desai – School leader, rank student, overall geek. Abhishek, after having graduated as a mechanical engineer from Ramiah went in search of the 'True meaning of life'. Instead he found improvisation. Despite his occasional flirting with the food industry, Abhishek and Improv have now been going strong for a year. Rohit Nair - Being born in a South Indian middle class family which was extremely focused on education, Rohit ended up choosing Computer Engineering as a profession. Only then, to find his true passion hidden in stories! Rohit likes to play with the humor hidden in the truth, the truth of our everyday lives. Improvisation as an art, for him, allows combining story-telling with such humor. It gives him a gr

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